About District Sukma

Reputable Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr. Raman Singh under whose able leadership the State is steadily climbing the ladder of development had further rewarded the State by creating 9 new Districts which would act as a catalyst in accelerating the growth rate of the State. The wave of happiness that had arisen in the hearts of the citizens of this new District, crafted in the last corner of the State is in expressible..

Dr. Raman Singh himself is coming down to Sukma to inaugurate this green and nature gifted Tribal District On 16th January 2012 and also to witness the History getting unveiled.

There are greater possibilities of development in this District blessed in profusion with valuable mines and forest resources.

This newly formed District is directly connected to two different states of Orissa & Andhra Pradesh. National Highway No. 30 and the life providing river Shabari are like the Heart Lines of the District. The future of the District is very bright.

This souvenir is being presented with all these hopes and aspirations.

District map