School Kids

District is very much under developed in the area of Education. Main reason of this underdevelopment can be attributed to the disparity and lack of standard education in the schools. There is a greater amount of scarcity of specialised teachers at higher schooling levels such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Even though recruitments are done teachers tends to go other places as soon as they get offers outside.

Keeping in view of this aspect it is necessary to open Ashram Shalas (residential schools) in such well connected villages where children of nearby 4 to 5 remote and unconnected villages can be educated. POTA Cabin Ashrams are mainly conducted for the dropout students. Thus the arrangement of Ashrams for the regular students will be of useful.

S.No. Blocks Primary School Upper Primary School High School Higher Secondary School college Ashram Hostel
1 Sukma 207 80 7 5 1 32 9
2 Chindgarh 246 79 7 3 0 35 4
3 Konta 272 53 5 4 1 34 12
Total : 725 212 19 12 2 101 25