Opportunities & Activities

Situated at an approximate distance of 400 KMs from the state capital Raipur, the new District Sukma is famous for its specialities as well as disparities where a District challenged by the Naxal violence is heading on the new path of Development.

Means of Transportation:

Transportation plays a vital role in the development of any area. National Highway 30 passes almost from the centre of the District from Tongpal to Konta which connect big cities of South such as Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada etc and come from the State Capital Raipur. All the tiny towns and villages which are located on the sides of this road are ready to take a ride towards development. Similarly the villages located in the State Highway that joins Dantewada and Sukma together are also expected to grow into developed villages. Roads laid by other major schemes such as PMGSY are also playing vital role in bringing development to the doorsteps of the interior villages. However the presence of roads in the Naxal affected interior villages is very low, and thus needs to be increased through special efforts which the Govt. might be thinking of seriously. By facilitating transportation to the interior villages a breeze of Development can be expected.

Arrangements for Officers and Employees:

There is a great dearth of Employees especially of Experienced Officers in the District Sukma. Most of the officer's posts are either lying vacant or occupied by the In-Charge-Officers, which needs the attention of the Government.

Agriculture :

Agriculture Details

Agriculture of District Sukma is limited only at producing of Paddy. Even the fields are not properly developed, and the farmers are not armed with the modern equipment of Agriculture. However one reason of satisfaction is that the farmers have started getting aware of the modern methods of cultivation due to the efforts of the Government and they started procuring Tractors also. Local farmers have started learning newer things from the farmers settled here from Andhra Pradesh, like the production of Corn , Pea Nuts, Cotton and Bananas etc.

Some minor farmers have also started producing the vegetables and have also started utilising the modern seeds provided by the Government. However there is a need of educating more and more farmers to adopt the modern techniques of farming, definitely there is a larger scope for development in Agriculture sector in the District.

Animal Husbandry:

New District is logging behind even in this sector. There is an immediate need of opening more hospitals for animals and also posting of capable doctors and other officers in these hospitals is much more important. It is also essential to educate the farmers about the best breeds of cattle.

Fish Production and Poultry Farming:

Fish Production and Poultry may prove to be more profitable to the farmers along with the Agriculture. It is necessary to conduct workshops to educate the farmers in Fish Farming and Poultry related activities which will assist in the Development of this area. Fish Farming and Poultry will double benefit the farmers as it would not only earn money for them but they would also be able to get nutritious food for themselves by adopting these two techniques.


District is very much under developed in the area of Education. Main reason of this underdevelopment can be attributed to the disparity and lack of standard education in the schools. There is a greater amount of scarcity of specialised teachers at higher schooling levels such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Even though recruitments are done teachers tends to go other places as soon as they get offers outside. Keeping in view of this aspect it is necessary to open Ashram Shalas (residential schools) in such well connected villages where children of nearby 4 to 5 remote and unconnected villages can be educated. POTA Cabin Ashrams are mainly conducted for the dropout students. Thus the arrangement of Ashrams for the regular students will be of useful.

Education Details