Culture & Heritage

It would not be fair if the historical heritage of this area is not highlighted on the eve of the formation of the New District.

Injeram is a village located around 70 KMs from Sukma towards Konta which comes 10 KMs before Konta on the National Highway. According to popular belief, Rishi Inji’s ashram was located in this village during the Ramayana period. “Inje Ram Vathod” means Ram had came here in local language because of which this place is known as Injeram, it is another popular believe. Just 100 Meters to the right side from the main road we can still see ruins of many ancient sculptures of different deities.

This place can easily be a matter of research for the Archaeological department as there exists rare ancient sculptures in this area, one can see a sculpture on which Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh the Trinity of Hindu faith can be seen on a single stone.

Now with the elevation of this area into a new District people are hopeful that Archaeological department will start researching in this area and unveil the historical importance of the land to the outer world.