Sukma District is the southern part of Bastar and it is newly formed on 16th January 2012. It is a Sub-Tehsil in 1952 under Bastar region, later upgraded to Tehsil in 1956, After Konta Tehsil is formed in  1960 SDO office Konta at headquarter Sukma started in 1976. When Dantewada is divided from Bastar in 1998 Sukma came under Dantewada District. Sukma got its existence as a new district in the year 2012. This is the LWE affected district which is far from Development. Sukma 400 km away from state capital Raipur, well connected by NH-30. It is sharing the border with  Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states and districts Bastar, Bijapur and Dantewada.

Emergence of Sukma

Located in the southern tip of the State, District Sukma is a symbol of different types of disparities. State Government decided Sukma as a District with an intension of providing a momentum to the developmental activities by removing all the hindrances and problems that are being experienced in this area.Lots of relics and remnants that are found in this area justifies the claims that Lord Shri Ram had gone through this area during his Exile in the period of Ramayana. As a living proof the lifeline of this land River Shabari too have a stunning resemblance with the devoted old lady of Ramayana times who had offered Lord Rama berries (The Indian Jujube) after tasting them herself to confirm their perfection.

This land known as Dandakaranya from the ancient times is a habitat for different types of Tribal communities. Tribes residing here had no exposure to the outer world, they used to feed themselves on the abundance of forest produces and by hunting the animal in the forest, they used to live a happy and most contained life.

Sukma has come into existence approximately in the year 1300. The predecessors of the Jameendars of Sukma who worked in this area under the kingship of the erstwhile Maharaja of Bastar were originated from Rajasthan. They have fled from Rajasthan to the kingdom of Warangal of Andhra Pradesh to avoid the atrocities they were subjected to during the reign of Mughals in Rajasthan. They have re-established themselves here and started leading their life however the curse of bad time did not stop worrying them even here, they were very often subjected to the highhandedness of the Maratha Rajas and Peshwas who used to impose different Taxes and Punishments. To avoid these atrocities the predecessors of the Jameendars have reached around Sukma through Bheji passing different forest areas and have started searching for a shelter to themselves. Among this group one family consisting of a father, mother and their boy had tried to cross the river Shabri to reach the other bank of the river but when they were in the middle of the river their boat had struck in the whirlpool of the river and an angel had appeared in front of them and had asked them to sacrifice one among them so as to ensure the safety of the remaining two. The father had readily accepted to offer himself in sacrifice but his boy contested and said that as you both are healthy you can still have children and hence let me sacrifice myself saying that the boy had jumped into the river. The place where the boy had jumped into the river is still known as Muniputta, which appears like an island in the middle of river at village Telavarti. At this place wooden cheppal and the trident are visible. Devotees reach this place in scores of numbers during Shivratri and Makar Sankranti and perform Puja. It is believed that this island had never so far submerged in the river in any of the floods and it is also believed that if this island gets submerged in the river then there would be a big havoc.

These couple settled at Mahadev Dongri for a brief period but due to threat from the wild animal they came and settled nearby Shabari river later. Mahadev Dongri is located at 3 Kms distance from Sukma and one ancient Shiva temple is located in this village which is believed to be installed by these couple. Lot of festivity can still be seen at this place during the Shivratri. 

Later on these couple have settled down at the present day’s Rajwada area of Sukma, they felt very comfortable in this place. Even though they were living in the absence of necessary facilities such as education and comforts amidst the tribes they started feeling this area very comfortable far from the atrocities of Mughals and the Marathas thus they named this place as Sukma. It is also believed that the deity of the famous temple of Chitpitin Mata located at village Ramaram is also brought by these couple along with them and that the temple had been constructed by these couple. Even today when the Pujari chants during sacrifice at this temple certain words are revered which indicate that the deity is brought from Warangal. In due course of time Sukma had seen many changes and transformation into one among the new Districts is one among them.

(Based on the popular believes and of Kumar L.N.Dev’s version)