Health has been a focal sector for the district administration in the past few years . Some proactive measures adopted by the Government have helped in filling the vacant para medical staff, doctors and specialist doctors posts considerably. Further to this improvising the health institutions through providing modern equipment, labs and other essential facilities is paying good dividends. Government hospitals are the only source of medical care in the district, hence fine tuning the health services is essential, which is being done relentlessly.

District Hospital Sukma:

District Hospital was started at Kumharras (SUKMA) besides Collectorate premises in the year 2016. It’s a 100 bed Hospital with round the clock services. 

MCH Sukma: This new Building for Mother & Child is inaugurated in November 2019.

Bio Medical Waste Managment Report

Health Centres Sukma :

Blocks Community Health Centre Primary Health Centre Sub Health Centre
Sukma  0 3 21
Chindgarh 1 6 39
Konta  2 6 35
Total  3 15 95

Contact details of  District Officers at CMHO office Sukma:

Name  Designation Mobile No. Email- Id
Dr. Chandrabhan Prasad Bansod CMHO/Civil Surgeon 9479145186
Mr. Bhaskar Chowdhury District Account Manager 9424106041
Mr. Mithlesh Kumar Sori District Data Manager 7587465388
Mr Girish Kashyap Hospital Consultant 8770799595
Dr. Praveen Telli Medical Officer 9479172202
Dr. Mahadev Barse Medical Officer 7587009329

Details of Doctors posted at District Hospital,MCH and Covid-19:

Name  Designation Mobile No. Email- Id

Contact details of B.M.O:

Name  Place Mobile No. Email- Id
Dr. Deepesh Chandrakar Sukma 8377891661
Dr. Satyanarayan Rao Chhindgarh 7587399539
Dr. Kapil Dev kashyap Konta 9407775757

Contact details of PHC’s & CHC’s 

 Name  Block Posting Place  Mobile No
Mr. Vijay Kumar Dhruw Chhindgarh CHC Chhindgarh 9479061869
Dr. T. Sunil Konta CHC Dornapal 8333806813
Dr. Bokka Pawan Kumar Konta CHC Konta 9340373689
Mr. Rajendra Prasad Pandey Sukma PHC Gadiras 9479177219
Mr. Surendra Naktode Sukma PHC Kerlapal 9424297318
Mr. Jitendra Namdev Sukma PHC Burdi 9425528758
Mr. Mahendra jaiswal Chhindgarh PHC Tongpal 7646879497
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Soni Chhindgarh PHC Gorli 7095418305
Mrs. Lalli Sahu Chhindgarh PHC Puspal 9424223143
Mr. Pawan Kumar Mohod Chhindgarh PHC Kukanar 9479202138
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Varma Chhindgarh PHC Soutnar 7803954597
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sarvan Chhindgarh PHC Edjepal 7587710482
Mr. Vikas Minj Konta PHC Chintalnar 9407722528
Mr. Mukesh Bakshi Konta PHC Chintagufa 7587052169
Mr. Vipin Singh Thakur Konta PHC Jagargunda 8103483004
Mr. Rudramani Vaishnav Konta PHC Golapalli 6264145469
Dr. M Bhushan Vijay Konta PHC Maraiguda 9440327937